We've Been Recruiting
for Decades

Partnering Fintechs & Growth Companies.


Our true expertise lies in our deep understanding of talent. Our unique value proposition is our ability to intricately map skills and potential to our clients' challenges, a skill honed through extensive experience.

We've embraced the evolution of technology, from the internet and social media to AI, continuously adapting our approach to find the best talent in an ever-changing landscape.


A rich blend of cultural diversity, originating from a wide range of vibrant backgrounds. With credentials in engineering, our problem-solving approach enhances candidate sourcing. Our precision and attention to detail ensure a seamless and enjoyable hiring process for everyone we work with.


Family holds a central place in our value system. Jason's daughter, an aspiring graphic designer, serves as the inspiration behind our branding and website. Learning and growth are deeply ingrained in James' family, with his wife working as an Assistant Head Teacher. Finally, Nesh's wife, who is the Head of People in a growth company, provides valuable insights and challenges our perspective on organisational design and workplace evolution.

Nesh Jain

Finding the talent to propel your company's

James Stephenson

Helping businesses hire exceptional people, one superstar hire at a time

Jason Runghen

Elevating Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Connecting Talent with Purpose